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Most, if not all, do not have the information required to obtain a building permit.  The permit is the goal of all plans in order to become a home or addition to a home.  C. L. Shade Drafting strives to provide all information needed to obtain this building permit by providing all information needed to construct the home or addition.  These items include:

  1. Foundation plan
  2. Floor plans
  3. Roof plans
  4. Elevations
  5. Wall sections
  6. Structural information
  7. Braced Wall Design

The United States generally works under a building code known as the International Residential Building Code or IRC.  This code provides for standard building methods across the country and most any home designer can now design for many different regions.  Of course you should consult with you Builder to make sure that this information is relevant to your areas because localities can impose their own requirements and some manufacturers products may need to be substituted for locally sold products.  A good example of this is the east coast has Hardees’ and the west coast has Carl’s Jr, same product different name.  But in general; if it works in Richmond it can easily be made to work in Memphis.

The second great fallacy of internet plans is how square footage is calculated.  Stairs, two story, clerestory areas do exist.  Even though there are big, sometimes giant, holes in the floor the Builder and his trades count this air.  Over the years it has generally been that internet plan square footages are about 25% low due to this space not being included in the square footage. While not including this space in the finished square foot number is accurate, the unfinished space as well a clerestory space can and should be shown separately for an accurate representation of the home.  Think about that when you are looking for a 2500 square foot home and the Builder looks at you and says it 3000 square feet when you ask why is it so expensive.  C. L. Shade Drafting calculates all the square footage under roof and will have an accurate representation for you based on ANSI standards and this document is available on request.

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