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Charles Shade, Owner of C. L. Shade Drafting has been part of the home building industry since the day he could hold a hammer.  Gradually those hammers became tools and a love for the construction of homes turned into a career that has spanned nearly 40 years

Charlie started working summers for a builder that constructed his Grand Mother’s home spending the time doing the menial tasks that all apprentices are required to do in this business. This led to being trusted to place the house on the land for the footing contractor and helping with the footings to putting the last shingle on the roof.  Don Shields expected his carpenters to understand the whole home and how each trade relied on the other to complete their job to the best of their ability.

This foundation led to starting a framing business in the Richmond area around 1988 and lasted for the next ten years involving many different aspects of framing. Homes, demolition, and additions were all part of the challenge that led to having a successful and productive company.

After deciding that framing was far too back breaking, Charlie was given the opportunity to work for J. R. Walker and Company as a Production Manager, Estimator and moonlight as the home designer for the J. R. Walker clients. This gave him insight into the living side of construction that makes a home. When the housing industry slowed in September of 2001 J. R. Walker needed to pare employees and C. L. Shade Drafting was born.

Many of the builders that Charlie framed for now use his knowledge and experience in providing design plans for the homes and additions that they build. Having his depth of background and hands on experience has provided the Builder with a plan that can be constructed and the ability to solve the Clients' needs when they see an opportunity during construction.

This is the reason that we can say at C. L. Shade Drafting, “Residential Plans That Work”